Lightning Talk Proposals

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Lightning talks should focus on how you incorporated data literacy into information literacy instruction, what elements of data literacy you addressed, and what you learned or want to share about your experience.

Presentations are limited to 3 minutes and 3 slides, including a brief self-introduction while the title slide is displayed. Presentations will proceed back to back until completed. After all presenters have finished, we will have a moderated discussion/question session for 30 minutes.

Submit your proposal

Lightning talk ground rules

Proposals for lightning talks must be received by close of business on September 25, 2017 and include presenter’s name, email, institution, and an abstract of no more than 100 words. Accepted presenters will be notified by email no later than September 27, 2017.

Accepted presenters will receive an email with the slide template. Presentations must use the template and must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx) 2010 or newer version to ensure compatibility with the computer in the presentation room. As a backup, we ask that each presenter also submit a pdf copy of the presentation.

Slide presentations must be submitted no later than October 4, 2017 so that they may be preloaded onto the presentation computer in advance of the Lightning Round session.

Speakers/presentations will be listed in order of presentation and the list will be posted in the session room so that each speaker will be aware of when their time is approaching and they can be ready to present.

Speakers will manipulate the slides during the presentation.

No questions from the audience will be allowed during presentations. Questions may be asked at the moderated discussion/question session following the presentations.