An unconference for data and librarians.


Current Host

MDLS 2019 will be in Chicago. More information about the host and dates is coming soon.

Materials from MDLS18 (Ames, Iowa) are still being curated. Stay tuned!



The Midwest Data Librarian Symposium (MDLS) is intended to enable Midwestern librarians who work with research data management issues the chance to network; however, it is open to all who wish to attend, including future “data librarians” and those situated outside the Midwest.

MDLS’s goal of providing low-cost networking and educational opportunities has inspired two “sister events”: Mountain West Data Librarian Symposium and South East Data Librarian Symposium.

When and Where

MDLS is held in October and the location changes every year. MDLS 2018 is sponsored by Iowa State University Library and will take place on October 8-9th in Ames, Iowa.


If you have any questions regarding this symposium, please contact the organizers at Follow this page or our MDLS Twitter account for updates! Tag the conference and join the conversation with hashtag #MDLS18!



Planning Committee


2018 Planning Committee

Chair: Megan O’Donnell, Data Services Librarian, Iowa State University

  • Perry Collins, Copyright & Scholarly Communications Manager, Ball State University
  • Thomas Gerrish, Science and Engineering Librarian, Miami University
  • Tina Griffin, Information Services and Liaison Librarian, University of Illinois, Library of Health Sciences [2019 Host Rep]
  • Allison Langham, Scholarly Communications and Engineering Liaison Librarian University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Erin Thomas, Science and Engineering Librarian, Iowa State University
  • Cameron Tuai, Data & Business Librarian, Drake University
  • Brian Westra, Data Services Manager, University of Iowa